Mike Giambrone


Mike is the President, founder and main idea generator at Digitrac.  He has been an innovator in the field of  bar code systems for more than 25 years. He has designed and installed tracking systems and equipment for John Deer, Caterpillar, Digital Equipment Corporation, Sara Lee, McDonald's and numerous other firms.




Alex Giambrone


Alex is the Treasurer and Office Manager at Digitrac Systems.  As the CFO, Treasurer, of the company he provides the leadership, management and vision necessary to ensure optimal business success. He solely oversees all company procurement and expenditures. He manages the personnel staff on a daily basis, including planning of employee succession and compensation, including salary and benefit programs. Ensures that payroll, benefits payments and financial filings are processed accurately and timely.







Lisa is the Senior Customer Support Manager at Digitrac.  She is the main contact for  the thousands of restaurant clients we support.  She also is in charge of our printing services.




Tom Brown
Tom Brown


Tom is Manager of IT and Engineering at Digitrac.  He is responsible for helping to develop the hardware and software solutions Digitrac Systems provides.




Zack Zwiers
Zack Zwiers


Zack is our Senior Repair Technician at Digitrac.  He ensures that all devices serviced by Digitrac Systems are repaired in a timely manor.